Cyber Drills: ASIA PACIFIC CERT CYBER DRILL 2018 Post Event Report 


Cyber Secure Pakistan | Pakistan Information Security Association (PISA) in association with UltraSpectra presents a series of international conferences and awareness seminars on the much needed topic of “Cyber Security in Pakistan”.
The basic purpose and motive behind this conference is to educate and aware the people of Pakistan against the ever increasing threat of “Cyber Crimes & Cyber Terrorism”. With the increasing growth of Information Technology in Pakistan, it has become imperative to educate the masses about the misuse of Internet.


Join us at upcoming PISA meeting; you will have the opportunity to enjoy the presentations of pertinent industry topics, connect with practicing professionals and learn about futures chapters’ activities. If you want to be a part of these chapters please contact on following:

  1. Islamabad Chapter
  2. Karachi Chapter
  3. Lahore Chapter
  4. KPK Chapter
  5. University Chapters

PISA By-laws


The primary purpose is to promote the education of its members for the improvement and development of their capabilities relating to the security of the information systems processing.

More specifically, the objectives of the Association are (a) to promote the education of, and help expand the knowledge and skills of its members in the interrelated fields of information systems security, and information or data processing; (b) to encourage a free exchange of information security techniques, approaches, and problem solving by its members; (c) to provide adequate communication to keep members abreast of current events in information processing and security which can be beneficial to them and employers; and (d) to communicate to management, and to systems and information processing professionals the importance of establishing controls necessary to ensure the secure organization and utilization of information processing resources.

CERT Project

PISA-CERT is Pakistan’s first public Computer Emergency Response Team. Our motto is to solve misconducts initiated through Computer and Internet. If you feel that your corporate email account is hacked or you have been victim of phishing attack or you website is defaced, please contact us for prompt response to secure your digital lives.

ISAD Project

According to Deloitte and Touché Survey, most respondents (about 79%) think HUMAN ERROR is the root cause of information security incidents. This project was conceived to cater related to PEOPLE of organizations. Our ISA training covers a variety of awareness areas highly customized to go well with organization requirement. Our training encourages participants to learn their responsibility towards protecting the organization