R3C Project

projects1-2uoht0qwv00ocvsqmc6tq8R3C is the newly formed collaborative project where multi-sector teams can join together to  leverage each other skills set and resources better address the needs of its partners. The Core objective of project is to bring experts, academia, the public sector and law enforcement closer.


CERT Project

projects1-2uoht0qwv00ocvsqmc6tq8PISA-CERT is Pakistan’s first public Computer Emergency Response Team. Our motto is to solve misconducts initiated through Computer and Internet. If you feel that your corporate email account is hacked or you have been victim of phishing attack or you website is defaced, please contact us for prompt response to secure your digital lives.


ISAD Project


According to Deloitte and Touché Survey, most respondents (about 79%) think HUMAN ERROR is the root cause of information security incidents. This project was conceived to cater related to PEOPLE of organizations. Our ISA training covers a variety of awareness areas highly customized to go well with organization requirement. Our training encourages participants to learn their responsibility towards protecting the organization.